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This individual will be responsible for the entire facility, equipment maintenance and repairs for a property in Lagos. this person will report to the administrator .


-this individual will be responsible for all basic mechanical, technical and and electric maintenance and repairs to include building electrical repairs, generator maintenance and basic facility monitoring -this individual must be responsible for all prevantive maintence planning for the organization Must monitor scheduled maintenance of water/sewage treatment, generating set, swimming pool, etc will monitor Monthly maintenance of generating facilities

  • Plan activity and direct day to day running of projects
  • -prepares monthly/weekly cash budget for all facilities -Respond appropriately to emergencies or urgent issues as they arise. -Ensures safety program and goals are implemented and carried out in assigned areas of responsibility; enforces compliance with all applicable environmental health laws, regulations, and guidelines. -Responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating work programs, plans, processes, systems and procedures to achieve program and goals, objectives and performance measures consistent with quality and service expectations. -Ensures the functionality of all service facilities such as the internet, air-condition, refrigerator, washing/drying machine and other plumbing work needed.


this idividual must have a COMPULSORY DEGREE B.eng with a qualification in electrical engineering must have adequate knowledge of sewage and water treatment must have basic knowledge of generating sets and basic servicing and maintenance must have had a supervisory role in managing staff in a facility or engineering division within a company. this person MUST have a minimum of 7 years post qualification experience.