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Corporate Drivers ( Oil and Gas, Lagos)

This position is responsible for ensuring the proper maintenance of Company vehicles the timely delivery and collection of written documents; the procurement process for all departments and safe delivery of staff to their respective destinations.

This position is required to conduct periodic checks of the vehicles and respond appropriately. This position is expected to purchase items and deliver those items and/or Company staff to their respective destinations


  • Ensure that all company vehicles are serviced in time, conducting periodic checks on the service tags.
  • Ensure that all company vehicles are refueled as and when required by driving the vehicles to a filling station after being requested by the users of the vehicles
  • Ensure that all company vehicles are clean
  • Ensure the delivery of any written communications to contacts outside of the Company
  • Ensuring the collection of written communications and other items from outside Company
  • Transporting purchasing items and delivering them to the company as and when required
  • Ensure that the staff of the company is driven safely to their respective destinations
  • Carefully driving them to city and upcountry locations


  • A Minimum of 5-7 driving experience
  • Must have work in a corporate environment for at least 3-4 years
  • Secondary school leaving certificate is a MUST
  • Must have good knowledge of Lagos environments
  • Must  have good written and oral skills
  • Have a valid drivers license
  • Have a good knowledge of Lagos driving laws 


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