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Strategic And Business Planning, HR Advisory, Training, Development, Coaching And Outsourcing

  • business strategy
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“Nicole Sinclair will provide astute services which border on speed and desired delivering results.”

Talent And Recruitment Services

Our Recruitment services promise candidates who have the desired competencies, cultural fit, and abilities to drive the result. We provide mass/small-scale start-up recruitment

  • Executive search services
  • Database provision for desired positions.
  • Background checks/referencing
  • Contract administration
  • Temporary staffing services


  • HR set up for a start-up business
  • HR transformation and change management
  • HR process development


We offer an array of personal and corporate development courses that help boost work expertise and confidence required to perform efficiently at work.

  • Leadership courses
  • Personal development
  • Team building courses
  • Marketing/sales skills courses
  • Human resource training
  • Job seeking/entrepreneurial skills
  • Business etiquette courses
  • Hospitality