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Strategic And Business Planning, HR Advisory, Training, Development, Coaching And Outsourcing

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“Nicole Sinclair consulting services can be provided on-site or off-site or a combination that best suits our client's need.”


We organize retreats and strategy sessions with detailed reports and implementation plans. You’ll benefit from exclusive assessment tools and practical business strategy steps.


We offer the best management courses via our seasoned professionals from various industries. Our trainings border on topics which include but do not limit to the following

  • Financial management for today’s businesses
  • Business Leadership 101
  • Effective Project management
  • Business presentation and Communication
  • Work Ethics in today’s Business
  • Team alignment strategies
  • Strategic Planning for Effective teams
  • Customer Effectiveness Training
  • Building an effective sales force
  • Performance Improvement Strategies
  • Managing People for results – a performance management course
  • Bridging the gap- a change management course


With various professional tools, we will help carve out performance improving routes for your entire team. Our highly developed and easy to use tools are created and applied with a strong consideration of your unique challenges and business background. Our strategies are highly effective and based on renowned best practices and are guaranteed to bring business transformation


Our entrepreneurial program ‘idea to reality’ is a business workshop for growing entrepreneurs. It is a business coaching and business planning module that seeks to apply business principles to a participant’s specific business idea or inclination. Its winning edge is that the participant works with a mentor from whichever level the business is. ‘Idea to reality’ runs in a 3 days intensive course module with seminars, experience sharing, case studies and practice sessions. It’s guaranteed to give the boost your business has long needed to help stabilize its vision.


Our offers can help your business organize and stabilize for growth, with things being able to run on “autopilot” whether it’s documenting your daily tasks and processes or coming up with befitting compensation schemes that won’t break bank; We offer our consulting support to ensure you have a structured environment for your business.


Some organizations select our services to supplement an existing department while others find it advantageous to utilize our services in place of a formal function. Nicole Sinclair’s services are widely spread and as such are valuable for different business processes including HR, IT, finance, etc. We employ a flex to fit model to please our clients.