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Surviving De-motivation in the Workplace

Surviving De-motivation in the Workplace

Yes! It’s a recession and it’s making things a whole lot harder for organizations. In an economic recession, it can be really tough to stay motivated. This can be true for both organizations and the individuals in it.

 The challenge is, If you stay de -motivated, both you and staff, there are less chances of  your organization coping through the recessions and staying on as things get better.

 Therefore motivating yourself and your staff is a MAJOR NEED to stay productive in business. When there’s a boom, it feels easier to motivate people with monetary rewards, bonuses or promotions. As cash flow becomes short, there is a constant pressure of having to reduce the workforce.

When leadership is  feeling threatened because they  also have to face the stress of maintaining their own livelihood, it is very easy to make decisions which might seem right in the short term but can have far reaching negative effects on themselves and their workforce.

 Fact is, no matter what threats organizations may face, it is still the teams who work together,  who will win out. Morale, cannot be ignored, and is absolutely vital if organizations are to survive in the long term.

A few pointers to what you can do to stay motivated …

 As a leader, remind yourself why you are in business and of the needs you intend to meet


  1. Share your common goals- let your employees believe in what you stand for; your visions and values. Get them involved!
  2. Stay consistent- do not be tempted to make imbalanced decisions because of financial pressures
  3. Give your staff “a voice”, and let them be involved in finding your solutions.
  4. Find out what other things that motivate your staff and you, apart from money and  invest in them
  5. Don’t under estimate the power of “thank you”
  6. Maintain integrity and Set realistic Expectations

It may look like it too little to help, but you can only find out how helpful these tips are …. If you do them!

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