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NIGERIA... Is It Enough To Cry? Consumer To Giver Frontier….

NIGERIA... Is It Enough To Cry? Consumer To Giver Frontier….

Nigeria has gone through so many phases of recession and even a child born less than 10 years ago, knows that living in Nigeria is not a bed of roses!

I have often wondered how we can transit from a nation which has expectations from everyone; the government, the judiciary, the schools... it has all just become a vicious circle of accusations against one another with claims of everyone not doing right!

The main issue, in my opinion, is the predisposition to consume rather than produce. While waiting for the next person to provide some sort of relief to the persistent needs we have come to live with; even in wealth creation, has  the real aim been to supply or to create personal advantage “consume”. Even in all these challenge…the real solution still remains the ability to fill-up- the gaps in these so called failing sectors! So make your pick today...and start the process.

 Would faulting the system, the shortages, and the lack of “all-wot-not” still help change what has crept in over time to cause this sense of lack. 

 From where I stand, my main question is how can “My HR/Strategic   management provision"  not be the consumer-centric version….but the giver-centric one. What processes do I stand to put in that can create more wealth for someone else…and not diminish it!

As a business owner…if your business isn’t positioned to remove pain, discomfort or lack in any form…that business wouldn’t survive. Because the gap has been created and only those who can fill it  STAND OUT!

 It can only balance out over time if we all start ….being on the Giving Frontier.

its worth a good thought...